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What are peoples opinions of wireless keyboards(/mice)?
15/8/08 1:03:23 PM
i love the wireless.. extremely convenient.

i have three mice - g7 for desktop, mx1000 for laptop, mx air for htpc

g7 is awesome. i cant flaw the performance of this mouse. and the battery thing? non-issue as you get two batteries (one in use, one charging) and it takes 5 seconds to swap the batteries over.

mx1000 is great for the notebook (although rather large). its bluetooth so i dont need to carry a dongle as the macbook pros support it.

mx air.. all i can say is wow. for a htpc its fantastic. its got a handful or buttons that cover 80% of what you need/use (volume, scrolling, play/pause etc). and the fact that u can use it like a mouse or wii remote is great. not only that, the bling factor of this mouse in the louge room just adds to its charm.

dinovo edge keyboard.. i have this also for the htpc. really handy and another piece of equipment that looks great. the battery life is tremendous. i can use it for a month without a charge. also having a touch pad and a cool volume control is handy when im too lazy to reach for the mx air

its another one of those "each to their own" thing. each have their own specific +ve and -ve. im sure the purist will go for a corded mouse for performance, but in this space, i simply can't fault the g7.

(*phew* i just realised how much logitech crap i have - less than two years ago i had none)


15/8/08 4:06:07 PM

Oh yah Keyboards I use the Logitec Mediaboard Pro (bluetooth) on my PS3, It works great and has PS3 specific keys and no windows key {:)

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16/8/08 9:15:22 AM
What's my opinion on wireless keyboards and mice, well lets see i've got both a wireless and wired desktop on different systems:

Wired Desktop

-Logitech new touch 200

Cheap and cheerful, this is a no frills wired keyboard purposely missing all the extra buttons and flashing lights of 'gaming' products. But what it does do and does damn well is be a bloody keyboard, lay outs fine, nice key response and logitech usual high quality build quality. I actually purchased one of these for $20 to replace my dead $50 coolermaster keyboard that died after 6 months, it's still going perfectly 12 months on.

-Logitech G5

I purchased this unit to replace the wireless infrared mouse that came with my logitech elite desktop from 2002. When originally purchased the logitech elite desktop was bloody fantastic, the keyboard lasted around 8 months on 4x aa batteries with heavy usage. The mouse on the other hand lasted a month on duracell ultra's, an eveready aa would last a day. So i purchased the G5 originally to replace the mouse as i was sick of having to replace batteries regularly, that and my 30" lcd's 2560x1600 demanded a high dpi mouse. I've got to say that i've found this mouse to be excellent, the cord wasn't an issue, it's bradded cord is stiff and doesn't get caught easily. High precision and the on the fly dpi adjustment was actually very useful, i was expecting other wise.

Wireless Laptop

-Logitech DiNovo Edge

So i purchased a laptop for work so i can take projects between home and work easily. At home i wanted a complete desktop, ie screen kb + mouse so the laptop acted as a desktop. I wanted a keyboard and mouse that complimented the macbook pro's exceptional design. For me this was left to the Edge and i've got to say it's a damn impressive keyboard, it's certainly not for everyone and frankly it basic functionality it's no better than the new touch. But it's wireless functionality is great, no batteries just a docking station.

-Logitech G7

Okay so i was going to go with the logitech air mouse, but it's low dpi made it a useless purchase. So went with a familiar friend, the wireless version of G5 that i've been using for years. It's every bit as good as it's wired brother, just with battery packs you need to replace every 6 hours of intensive use. No big drama, it's certainly a lot easier than having to go down to the shops to buy a new pack of batteries.

So what should i buy Wired or Wireless?

Everyone has their own opinion on this, me frankly i haven't got an opinion on what's better as i've found both options to be great. But here's my opinions on making a choice:

-How much you wanting to spend?

In my experience this is a major consideration, if you want to buy a cheap no brand device stick with corded. They will do the job reasonably, but wireless alternatives are rubbish compared to the products that the likes of logitech produces. By that i mean, their signals drop out and the usual battery debacle. Also keep in mind that wireless will often cost you more, so compare prices of similar wired and wireless products and decide whether the extra expense is worth it.

-Battery Packs

If you go for wireless make sure you go for units that come with built in recharging in some form. Battery based units will end up costing you a fair wack with constant battery replacements and they have a nack of going flat at the most inconvenient time.


Keyboards, what's the big question to ask here? Movability. Frankly the only reason to go wireless is if you need to move the keyboard around, if it's going to be sitting on your desk all day then why would you want anything but wired?


This is the biggy, what this comes down to is how much you hate cords and lag. These are very personal preferences and i'd say if you've got the opportunity try some corded and cordless products in games you play and see which ones you prefer. Personally for me using the G5 and G7 is near identical experiences, they both perform the same the only difference is having to change battery packs with the G7. Of course if you need the wireless keyboard for media usage the mouse should also be wireless.


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16/8/08 11:19:00 AM

I've been hunting a wireless keyboard partner for my G7 for quiet a while (well, ever since moving the PC into the living room).

The diNovo keeps coming up in threads like this across the interwebs as the best way to go, but I found the price to be prohibitive. But having just done a quick staticice search, I see they're a damn sight cheaper then they were...


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16/8/08 2:26:42 PM

Very nice post m0zes, thanks :)


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16/8/08 2:41:56 PM

Something annoying a lot of wireless KB/Mouse sets do: AA for the mouse, AAA for the keyboard. So you can't just have two sets of rechargeables and swap the mice ones for the keyboard ones when the keyboard runs out.

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20/8/08 10:08:44 PM

Follow up to previous post. Purchased the diNovo Edge from PCcasegear on monday - it showed up here today. They rock hard core.

As for the keyboard, it works on the 'TVPC' from every corner of the house, has terrific feel, looks great, and is a perfect match for the G7. Although the touchpad thingy on the side has replaced the G7 for all but gaming. Speaking of which - TF2 has never felt better!


PSN: elfinke
Wii: 0605-4049-4701-3487

21/8/08 5:42:39 PM
lol @ "but I found the price to be prohibitive"

enjoy! ur going to love the edge...

i came across a gem on this keyboard last night.. there is actually another left-click button on lhs of the keyboard. really handy for two-handed click-and-drag with the touch pad.

..and there i was wondering why in hell that button was for!


22/8/08 3:31:22 PM

I use an MX revolution as well as a wireless desktop bundle.

I seriously prefer wireless, but I use my PC for 90% media 10% gaming.

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25/8/08 1:17:20 PM

I picked up a Logitech diNOVO k'board, mouse and media pad from the Sallies @ Rozelle, still in the box, with the plastic on the LED, original disk and paperwork for all of $20 - it cost me a lot more than that for the batteries! I find it functions better without the software installed, plus, it's pretty handy, being bluetooth.....I wouldn't pay a couple of hundred for one tho! there's a small lag when first activating the mouse, but, apart from that, I quite like it - the k'board is really nice to use.
that said, I usually buy wired, 'cos' I'm a cheapskate.

....it's called a 'snuke'.

26/8/08 2:44:45 PM
Quote by osama_bin_athlon I usually buy wired, 'cos' I'm a cheapskate. :P

it's called 'financially sensible' =)


5/9/08 6:09:35 PM
We have all our workstations at home on wireless keyboards and mice, the 2 Workstations in the main part of the house are LOGITECH MX700 units have there own charger cradle, so the mouse is never flat, the batteries in the keyboard have been replaced 2 in 4/5 years, and they get constant use. Our Media centre system has the Microsoft cordless keyboard and remote with it, I find that it is not even a 1/5 as good as the logitech systems. Our system in the garage / office is the logitech Bluetooth DiNovo set, it is not as good as the standard logitech cordless but does better than the Microsoft set. The only system that does not have a cordless set on it are the WHS that's sitting in the Study Cuboard, could not see the point in haveing cordless on this one.
Most of the systems we have at work are cordless Logitech as well, granted that I only buy the OEM cheap sets for work, but we still don't have any problems with them.

So I think that if you buy a Good brand of mose and Keyboard cordless set you normally have little problems, like I have had.


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