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Need a new keyboard
20/8/08 8:51:58 AM


Now I wish I had the weekend off to make it to Beerathon :(

No chance of sending it if I pay postage, maybe with a little extra thrown in?
Or some other way?

/goes off to grumble about work.

StoneColdSpider grabs cookie and puts in the oven at 250dagrees for 30minutes

21/8/08 8:00:03 AM
We currently use the Logitech Cordless Elite keyboard and Mouse package Mouse is a MX700 Optical.

Feel nice to type with and have never given any problems, currently had them since 2001 I think.

When ever I buy Keyboards and Mice I seem to allways leave our local MSY store with Logitch Products! (I buy all our IT gear for work)


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