Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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Whats on you tech shoping list.
21/8/08 3:34:13 AM

GPS for my old man as a bday present.

a new pc for me when my spending dust settle. (doing some renovations to my unit) :P

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Harmonic Cacophony 
21/8/08 5:10:10 PM

I just bought an ASUS P5Q-PRO/E8400/2x1GB 800mhz DDR2/Pioneer DVR-215/1TB Samsung non-green/BenQ 24"

Couldn't afford graphics or case though, so my list is:

Lian Li PC-A7010B
Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme.

I also want a new bass, and an amp that isn't a crappy practise amp. Unfortunately, prices on this tech are brain meltingly high, so I'll have to actually get a job before buying it :(

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21/8/08 8:03:11 PM

adding to my list new ram and maybe 64bit windows vista as my ram is now giving me errors at any speeds.

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21/8/08 10:33:05 PM

Quote by nesquick
adding to my list new ram and maybe 64bit windows vista as my ram is now giving me errors at any speeds.

HAHA... now your going to have to use Vista whether you like it or not!

Plus, Im still undecided as to if I should go for the 4870 or not...I think I will, as it will work out cheaper for me!

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30/8/08 3:56:56 PM
Just bought a Lian Li V1010 and a Gigabyte GA-X48-DS4.

My Antec 900 and Gigabyte P35 got long in the tooth.

Will transfer computer accross by end of next week.


8/9/08 12:14:02 AM

i just bought a pentax k20d

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8/9/08 4:45:14 AM

I thought this thread was long gone.

Anyway an LG-W22Q2T-PF, and a 4870 on the way.

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8/9/08 9:31:34 AM
Well i got:

Lian Li V1010A Silver
Noctua NH-U12P
Gigabyte GA-X48-DS4

I want Crossfire 4870 or Blu-Ray Drive or 8gb DDR2 Ram.


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