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GTX 280 & Antec 900?
2/8/08 7:41:07 PM

I have noticed no one has said any usefull information in this thread yet so i will say it.

Your friend put bluntly is wasting his money the only reason you would need a gtx280 is if you have a core2 clocked at 4ghz and a 30inch lcd the 2560x1600 kind. For everything else it is a complete overkill brands and fanboi remarks aside the ati HD4870 is simply the best all round card at the moment it handles AA exceptionally well and does so up to 1920x1200 after that you really need more than 512mb of ram on a card which relates to what i said above. If you friend is serious about wanting nvidia point him in the direction of the gtx260 as its relatively cheap now ($360ish) and still performs just under the $320 HD4870 whilst still giving him the illusion of his system is better cause it has an nvidia based graphics card. If he has not got the card yet i strongly advise you point him in the direction of this forum (i assume he got advised on this decision by another forum) and also point him in the direction of benchmark sites showing how close the HD4870 is to the gtx280 at everything bar ultra high resolutions.

Hope this helps.

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4/8/08 1:14:37 PM

Its cool, he got the HIS4870 anyway.


He's not a Nvidia Fanboy, he just goes for whats best at the time and as a result, the GTX280 is only a little bit ahead, so he got the impressions that the GTX280 was the best choice but as I told him that the 4870 is less the cost and is a little bit behind, there is no reason to fork out an extra $400 just to get a 10% increase. Hes like, "True" So yeah.

Thanks for the help though, although a little to late, he got the Coolmaster Stacker 832 + a Q9450 @ Stock. Pretty sweet.

As for me.

I am thinking of purchasing the Lian Li Amour Suit (BLACK) looks nice and is massive for any kind of Quad Sli or QuadfireX setup and has great cable management solutions as well.

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30/8/08 9:17:06 PM

Quote by index680i
Quote by SceptreCore
Quote by battlefield_gir
Quote by SceptreCore
It took me about 45 seconds to go to the Antec and see what the inside looks like to make an approximated guess. Im thinking yes... but a tight fit, perhaps a Lian Li might be the better way to go!


lian li is always the way to go, no exceptions.


KILL HIM! :P Thing is though Lian Li, how ever nice and quality build, are just too expensive for most... definitely a enthusiast only brand.

Lian Li Amour Suite looks nice!

Good choice..awesome case..

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30/8/08 10:25:24 PM
My ATI HIS3870X2 is a bit tight in my Antec 900. I'm upgrading to Lian Li V1010 Silver


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