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DIY Photoframe
8/7/08 4:11:08 PM

hey guys,

i got an old laptop that is disused so i decided to make it into a digital photo frame.

took it apart last night, and man this thing is thin!!! after i took it all apart and roughly aligned it how i wanted with the screen and mobo directly behind it and the thing is only 2.5cm deep!

here are some photos of it taken apart:

i have a few questions as i'm not 100% proficient in electronics:

in the above photo you can see three SMD switches, or thats what i think their called?

is it easy to solder on a new one, one of those is the power button and i want to know if its possible to just solder on a another 4 pin SMD switch so i can relocate the power switch to somewhere more easily pressed and also keep the original?

next question is about USB plugs, i'm going to be buying a 12.1" touchscreen kit so i can control this thing without a mouse or keyboard.

is it possible to "hardwire" the USB plug from the touchscreen kit's USB controller to the USB plug on the laptop? if so how would i go about it?

last question is about the laptop's keyboard which is connected to the mobo via ribbon cable. this is not very important but would be 'cool' if i could extend this ribbon cable?

i'm thinking the only real way is if you can make some kind of 'mid-way' connector that one end would connect to the keyboard and the other end would connect to the mobo.

the system will boot and load winXP without any input devices so its good to go and more so once the touch screen kit is installed.

on a final note,
its a fully fledged 12.1" laptop running a via 1ghz cpu with 512mb ram, 80gb hdd, wireless nic, PCMCIA slot, CF slot and 2x usb plugs.

the idea will be it will stream images from the net to display and will be wall mounted.

i've made all the measurements and plan to build the frame shortly once i've figured how to make the actual mounts and stuff for the mobo.

any help would be much appreciated!!


9/7/08 11:38:45 AM

Sounds and looks like a cool idea.

I can't help, not great at this stuff, but good luck with it mate.

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