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Today's Herald Sun(Melb)- Case Modding Article!
2/7/08 10:56:45 AM

This morning I woke up, and opened the paper. On the contents page, I saw a blurry looking image of what looked like a PC with a Window, and Lighting. Strange, I thought. Maybe they frucked up one of the pictures. But, no, opening to the page there actually is an article on Case Modding.
I'm not sure if any Atomicans were in there but there were a few mods I recognized.
It's good that modders are finally being recognized in the media (Other than Atomic, of course).
If anyones interested the Article, Its on page 44 of the Herald Sun, in that new 'Extra' section.

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3/7/08 11:11:55 AM


There's copies up on the front page of OCAU ATM


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