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17/6/08 6:57:18 PM
Ok, well Ive dropped my current case which was posted a few days ago. I have decided that it was too cheap and flimsy to bother with in the long run, there is no point hoping to achieve something amazing with mediocre parts....

I found a TT Lanfire case I had laying around. I recently bought some goodies (today in fact) to get the restoration started. The numb nuts before who cut out the fan holes left them all jagged so that had been fixed. The innards have been gutted for a coat or three of yellow paint and the outside is also being prep'd for a black/yellow caution style respray.

The only thing left to do after that would be maybe replacing the side window acrylic as it has a smallish scratch on the bottom left corner. I might just cover that with a atomic appliqué if I can get my hands on one (hints at you fellas).

It will get the works after this is done such as fan grills and UV/cathode lighting in orange/red along with cable sleeving to keep with the whole caution theme.

I will keep everyone posted with pictures this may take a few weeks to complete as I have a 45 hour work week. But please keep an eye out as any feed back will be great.


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18/6/08 8:59:22 PM

Sounds good mate, waiting to see the finished product :)

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