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rubber motherboard spacers / supports
3/5/08 4:07:29 PM
Hi there,

I'd like to put some rubber bits between the motherboard and the motherboard tray.
I dont like the flimsiness of boards when something is being installed (they flex in a way Im not comfortable with)

So Id like to stick a few rubber bits at certain points, so the boards dont flex.

Im just wondering what considerations I have to take with the rubber.
Is there any particular rubber types that are recommended for such use with electronics?
Is the rubber available from hardware stores, or would it need to be a specialty hardware store or plumbing store or whatever?

Thanks for any help in advance.

by His grace,



3/5/08 4:31:32 PM

Are you using all the spacers available on the board? Mine screws in with a total of ten screws, and is stable when I install everything into it.

The problem with putting rubber behind the mobo is that components that receive a little airflow back there would be starved of it, and would run hotter than normal. Depending on where you put the rubber, it could even possibly melt a bit too.

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3/5/08 5:17:46 PM

Understand your concern

Maybe little rubber nuggets? little cylinders, about 10mm wide - Glued down onto the mobo tray

As mentioned above, you do need airflow back there (I have a hole in my mobo tray with a thin 60mm fan attached blowing right onto the back of the motherboard behind the CPU - Dropped a few more degrees), but a couple little nuggets placed well should add the support your looking for, without impeding airflow too much

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3/5/08 7:43:55 PM
thanks for replies.

can you take a photo of your motherboard fan setup please? would be interested to see what you mean.

i got the idea about the rubber spacers when i was looking int o repair of the xbox overheating problem. a guy used rubber spacer blocks to increase the gap between some things so it could receive more air flow.

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3/6/08 11:45:52 PM

In the socket 478 days every single hsf seemed to flex the board a little when clamped into place. never seemed to cause any trouble though. Rubber spacers seem to be a pretty good idea though, I'd find the hardest rubber I could. Maybe one every 3-4 cms or so??? Like in a grid?

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