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Case mod - Water Cooling using with FMIC style
13/3/08 1:54:59 PM

Hey guys,

I'm going to be starting a water cooling setup that i am going to model around a front mount inter cooler in a turbo charged car. where the radiator will be set as the FMIC and i will attach fans to that as needed to cool the radiator.

The piping on the front of the case will look like this - http://www.tradenote.net/images/users/000/102/703/products_images/Intercooler_Piping_Kit_for_Niss

The radiator itself will be sent into the case itself, but the side pipes will stick out a little and then come back into the case.

I have already seen some issues with getting full use of the radiator in that the water would only use the bottom of the radiator rather then the whole thing (depending on the design).

so possibly the radiator would look like this - http://www.procharger.com/images/artwork/intercooler.jpg

with the incomming heated water would enter at the top and the bottom being the outlet.

My question is:

1) has anyone seen any radiators that look like the above FMIC pictures?
2) if yes to question one, are they polished?

q2 is purely for aesthetic reasons.


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13/3/08 4:32:11 PM

mmmm i will keep a keen eye on this, could be good.

as for your questions, no, haven't seen any like that, but..


would suit your purpose, and you could easily fit some casing around it to make it look similar to what you want.

though if you want it to not stick out the sides of the case, the single fan width variation might be your thing.

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13/3/08 7:25:58 PM

why couldn't you just use a small intercooler?


14/3/08 4:53:29 AM

fuckin thing ate my post...

brief summary cos i cbf doin it all again

if you want the real intercooler look, i'd be with Theif . get a tiny intercooler from a turbo-diesel, they can be quite midget. use some authentic-looking pipe to attach to the case, whack some endcaps on, and use the whole assembly as a cooler/reservoir, along the lines of a zalman reserator. the water mass, exposed metal and slower water flow through the fins should make up some of the losses by decreasing your fin area/frontal area ratio

look into automotive filler, aka bondo/bog for hand molding a psudo-bodykit intake assembly (i assume your looking at a auto theme mod?). could look really good.

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25/3/08 12:05:56 PM

thanks for the comments and thoughts guys - ill keep you posted on how i go.

Im going to trial fit the setup in a old ass aopen case i have lying around and take a few pics after all the mounting is complete - and then it will be mounted into a 2003 edition of a coolermaster centurion case.

arjo - indeed - i intent to mold a few peices of body around the cooler and pipes to hide most of the piping

and at this stage - im going to use a radiator from casegear' or the like and have it polished

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27/5/08 12:25:28 PM

hey guys

i finally have my kit all together for the mod - so when i get time around work (which never fucking happens) ill get started on it and let you know how it all goes - only issue is im going to have to can my current system and use the socket 775 out of that for this :P

all good - ill go get quad core :p

Precision IT Solutions

29/5/08 3:43:06 PM

cool, its gonna look sick, i want to mound a wc set up on my pc with out modding the case cause its a beautiful case and its discontinued.

maby ill get the new equivelent.

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16/6/08 9:23:52 AM

Assuming you don't fuck you case job, be precise. Modding will only make you case better, more beautiful.

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