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is this case hot?
27/7/08 3:16:34 PM

that case is cool if you smoke sausge........


27/7/08 9:09:28 PM
WTF are you doing bumping a 1 year old thread!?

Read the god damned FAQ!

1: Intel Quad Core Q9450 @ 3.4GHz (425 x 8), Gigabyte P35-DS3P, A-Data Memory Pro 800, ATi HD3850 770/1030, TT Big Typhoon VX, Antec EW 500, CM Elite 330, WD 640GB.

27/7/08 10:10:17 PM

bigdavy_p : Welcome, and enjoy your stay. I love the fact people go through the archives going through previous material - It means that the content over the years isnt just left to waste and ignored, but its worthwhile checking the last post date before bumping up old threads - I think you have bumped a few now is all

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(\ (\
( ^_^)
( (")(")

"That's the stuff Willis was talking about"

29/7/08 7:05:54 PM

the TT, TD was my first aftermarket case, it will always hold a special place in my heart, on that not any one in syd want one name your price.

/end derail.

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R.I.P Josh Woods

12/8/08 10:42:02 PM

Nah. I was a fool and bought a Thermaltake Armor.
They're too heavy and bulky and I hate them noww.
I think it's going to eat me someday . . . . .

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John Connor: Yeah. Major drag, huh?

22/8/08 6:48:32 AM

It really depends on what you want dude, what do you think about it? in the end it is you who is using the pc. But IMO, I love tsunamis

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