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3g internet access for those without 'real' broadband
9/9/08 4:44:30 PM

This is a pet issue for me, it seems, because I'm unable to get ADSL and I'm way out from an area that has cable.

As some may know, ISDN is being phased out, and fairly aggressively, thanks to Telstra discontinuing cheaper services and hiking the prices up on the more expensive ones.

Telstra have their wonderful NextG network offering connection speeds of up around 7.2mbps, not that you'll get anything like that sustained, thanks to overheads and such.

Optus and a few companies that resell Optus network bandwidth, like primus, are rolling in a larger and larger network.

From what I've heard, telstra are still the ones with the lest network congestion (for the time being).

While I can see why they'd legitimately charge you for up and downstream, unlike with wired networks, my pet peeve right now seems to be the outrageous excess data usage costs.

Telstra are charging 25c/MB. $250/GB, for every gigabyte you use over the 10GB they give you for a not-particularly-cheap fee of $130 (discounted to $65/month if you don't mind signing a contract).


Why so much?

I mean, I don't like how telcos charge for mobile data rates in this country, but I can sort of 'get it' if I squint really hard, unfocus my eyes just a little, and tilt my head at an odd angle.

But these data plans aren't being advertised just at people with 'fancy' 'new' mobile phones anymore. They're being advertised as a legitimate form of home broadband, for people who can't get ADSL for whatever reason. Yes, they have the added convenience of portability, but when you're forced into signing up because 56k dialup and satellite aren't suitable, portability is a fluff feature, not a major selling point.

So when are they going to start acting like the plans they're advertising to people who can't get ADSL are actually home BB replacements? When will they stop price gouging? It's like the introduction of ADSL and cable all over again, getting a defined quota and paying outrageous excess rates for going over. Except it's now the 21st century, and we're pulling rather close to the second decade of it.

Or, there's this: http://www.crn.com.au/News/84342,opinion-thanks-for-nothing.aspx

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9/9/08 10:23:45 PM

Why so much? Because they can.

You're probably better off changing to an ISDN business plan.

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9/9/08 11:12:41 PM

Yes, Tel$tra are pushing NextG very hard. NextG is overpriced and price gouged because Tel$tra control most of the infrastructure.

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9/9/08 11:27:41 PM

I'm not sure I'd trust 3G wireless for internet access.

I prefer my connections to go via wired links thank you very much.

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