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What is needed to get voIP?
5/9/08 1:44:07 PM

I have just gotten Satalite as Telstra wont lay new lines & this is the only way I can get Broadband.

My Question is This : I was given a Modem when I joined up. So I have just Bought a D-Link 615 Wireless Router, yet while in the store i saw a Belkin Router that was VoIP enabled.

So with the Router I just bought what will I have to get to be able to use VoIP??????

Your help is Appreciated. Muncher


5/9/08 2:55:44 PM

Well you will need a voice box. The easiest way to learn more is to have a look at this site.

I use engin but even if you decide to go with someone else this has a lot of info on VOIP and what it does.

Here is the info page.

And here is an Australian VOIP guide to providers which also contains more info.


EDIT: I have no idea how up to date the prices are at voipchoice so if you see a company/plan you like make sure to go to their site to check the latest pricing.

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5/9/08 3:03:45 PM

3 Options for VOIP.

1. Download some software and run VOIP on your PC using a standard headset. Programs like Skype for proprietory formats, or use something that talks to a SIP server http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_SIP_software There are also USB handsets that can plug in through your PC if you prefer the formfactor of a phone to a headset.

2. A VOIP handset - there are direct handsets that are specifically VOIP - they plugin in to your network and you use them like a nornmal phone. - typically expensive.

3. But an Analogue Telephone Adaptor (ATA) that allows you to connect your normal telephone to it, and it connectes to a port of your router/switch. (This is basically an external version of the functionality a VOIP router has built in) Models are available that also allow fallback so if your internet is down the same handset can call out on the normal line - and incomming phone calls on the landline also can be andwered by that handset.

Of the solutions availble, I prefer the VOIP Router/ATA solution myself, as it allows a flexibility of handset types (including cordless), as well as multiple handsets if you desire, and doesn't need your PC to be switched on to use it.

But This will all only work if you have full bidirectional satellite options - if you have satellite downlink and landline uplink, you won't have the bandwidth for VOIP (it needs atleast 64kbit in each direction).

Also latency might be a problem for you on satellite. Don't spend too much on VOIP until you've had a chance to try it out. The free software and a no-contract account through a SIP provider might be the best way to try for only $10 or something startup.

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6/9/08 12:51:55 AM

What's needed is a low-latency connection. Which sadly, a satellite connection is not.

You could try it, but I don't think you'll be pleased with the results.

Get Skype and try it out: http://www.skype.com

Buy some SkypeOut credit (I think you can buy $5 worth) and see if there's a noticeable delay or echo.

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6/9/08 3:23:13 PM

Low jitter is more important than low latency. Many people have used VoIP over satellite with no problems other than a little speech delay.

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7/9/08 2:52:30 PM

Agreed. Do some tests on skype and see if you're happy. Its like a SLIGHTLY worse latency version of propper VOIP IMO.

then make sure to begin with you sign up with a VOIP provider who has no monthly costs. Like MyNetPhone or PennyTel so that way, if you're not happy, you're only out of pocket $20 and away you go!

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8/9/08 9:28:56 PM

+1 to above. my GF has sat ad their place and there is about 1-2 sec delay over voip. it had a lot to do with the type of link.

mynetfone are good with their no-account plan to test with.

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