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DNS failure problem, baffling
5/9/08 1:13:07 AM

I am working on a small network, 3 XP machines, with a standard 4 port netgear router. Everything was fine, then quite suddenly one of the machines could no longer connect to the internet. Network behavior is all kosher; each can see and interact the others. Shared printers, file areas, everything's fine there. Other two machines connect to inet perfectly. The one machine that can not do inet is having a DNS failure problem, as per the IE-spawned diagnostics report.

I have run the full spectrum on ipconfig, fiddling with addresses, resetting the router to factory specs, turning off firewalls, etc. I even forced the "broken" machine onto the address one of the other machines (by turning everything else off, then using ipconfig to release and renew), but nothing changed.

I've been chasing all over the internet for clues about this and haven't found too much that's helpful, so far. I even installed firefox on the miscreant machine, hoping it would give me more data about the failure, if nothing else (it usually does, compared to IE) but that gained me nothing.

ipconfig /all claims the following:
host name.........: frontdesk
primary dns.......:
ip routing enabled: no
wins proxy enabled: no
dns suffix search list: newportnet.com

connection-specific dns suffix: newportnet.com
description : Intel(R) Pro/100 VE Netowrk connection
physical address : 00-13-20-97-30-71
dhcp enabled : yes
autoconfig enabled: yes
ip address :
subnet mask :
default gateway :
dhcp server :

This shows nothing significantly different from ipconfig /all as run on the other two working machines. I am beginning to think about using some Anti-Gremlin spray, but I think it was outlawed in my state last year.

The local ISP can not solve this problem. (They've already tried, now the client has called me in... oh goody.)

Anybody have any ideas? What am I missing?
-- Phil
Baffled in Paradise


5/9/08 12:25:46 PM

it would appear the "primary dns" is blank.. Check your TCP/IP settings and make sure you DNS servers are configured automatically. If it is set to automatically configure, find out your ISP's DNS setting, and set that manually.


6/9/08 3:21:46 PM

What garlic said. Your ISP couldn't figure that out? That's pretty sad.

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9/9/08 2:15:23 PM

Did you check your net card in the machine is "on"(to shorten things
at the hardware level).
And is the Firewall software saying(inclusive your browser(s)) that the ISP address is allowed, (some viruses reset anything from ISP
to firewall add banned list to switching off the NIC).

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9/9/08 5:13:26 PM

Windows XP has two seperate automatic config options, the network address is treated seperately to the DNS servers (even though both are included in the DHCP response).

As garlic said, ensure both are set to automatic.

To view these settings go to control panel/network connections, right click on the network device you are using to connect, click properties. I can't remember the exact pages available, but you'll find one that shows the devices installed, including the TCP/IP protocol for your network device. Click properties on that and you should see the options there for automatic configuration.

Or you could leave the address automatic and manually add the ip address of your DNS server (most likely your gateway router).

I've no idea what it is in Vista though...


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