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Strange Wireless Connection Problem
31/8/08 12:07:00 PM
Hello Hello,

My PC is an old(ish) thinkpad IBM laptop
It has Windows XP (SP3)
And it connects wirelessly to D-Link DI-524

My problem is as follows:

When I turn on my laptop the wireless connection works: the icon on the bottom right hand corner says it's connected to the router....for 5 seconds.

Then it immediately disconnects, and the icon appears accordingly.

When I try to reconnect, it fails. (When I click the icon to show the available connections, next to my router it says "not connected")

But I CAN access the internet. (A bit slower tho) Even though there's an "X" next to the wireless connection icon in my notification bar.

About 10~15 mins after connection, the connection drops out. When I reconnect, it finishes off at "not connected" status, but I can access the internet for roughly the same time duration again. I've made sure that I tried to connect to my router.

This problem only affects this laptop.

Recently I updated the driver but that didn't fix the problem.

I wonder if anyone can help me with this issue? Thanks in advance ^^

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1/9/08 8:43:11 PM

Open your web browser type in the address for the router it's (I think). Then find what channel it is using (most likely 11) and change it to 6 save and exit.

See if that solves the problem as it is usually interference that causes the problem you indicated.

Edit: if you have lost your guide you can download/view it here.

Also welcome to atomic :) have fun, play nice, share your knowledge, and PLEASE read the FAQ it will answer all your questions on the rules here plus give you info on many other things about the site. :)

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