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The woes of wireless internet and Vista 64 and how to beat them.
17/8/08 7:45:02 PM

Hey guys, I've spent the past week screwing around with trying to connect my new rig to our home's wireless network.

After four different (supposedly) Vista 64 compliant network adapters (with a driver download and install), I've finally landed on one that works.

This post isn't to ask for help, it's just a heads up to anyone else considering accessing a wireless network on Vista 64.

After some searching there are NO USB-based wireless adapters that work with Vista 64, at least not my particular machine. Also, despite the Windows Vista website stating that they were indeed compatible, the Netgear WPN-111 (I think that's the number) did not work, nor did the D-Link DWA-520, even with the correct drivers.

The D-Link would occasionally connect, but overall it was a pretty shitty and frustrating experience attempting to use it. In the end, I landed on an Asus WL-138G. It does not use any of it's own Wizards or apps, it simply has a Vista 64 driver which can be downloaded from the Asus website and uses Vista's own networking setup.

Anyway, I hope SOMEONE out there found this useful.

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