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VPN + firewall appliance
11/8/08 11:09:28 AM

Gday folks.
Wondering if someone can recommend me a firewall/VPN/net filter for a small business of 50ish employees?

Ive used sonicwalls in the past, and found them to be rock solid, but their(ipsec based?) VPN client is a proprietary pain in the ass, and is not available for linux(which is a necessity).

Junipers are good, but too expensive.

So anyone know a device that can do:
1) Firewall
2) VPN endpoint with either an open standard or with a Linux supported client.
3) Basic usage monitoring, and basic url blacklisting.


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11/8/08 11:32:45 AM

The Snapgear units are your best bet if your budget conscious and looking for a hardware solution, there’s a bunch of optional extras for those units also if you want to use them.

Alternatively if you’re so inclined you could put in a white box software solution such as Endian or Pfsense – Yawarra – Sells a nice hardware solution to run these software products on: http://www.yawarra.com.au/index.php

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11/8/08 12:31:19 PM

The low-end Juniper kit isn't that expensive - something like a Netscreen 5GT would probably be a good fit.

Other than that, maybe a cheap Cisco ASA box.

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11/8/08 1:49:51 PM

ClarkCOnnect linux distro, or SME server.

one of them should do it for ya.

EDIT: and yeah, ive had clark connect handle 30pc's so hoepfully it can do 50.

id just fork out for gigabit network cards in the gateway PC.

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