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Upgrading versions of Mandriva linux ?
Scourge of the Underworld 
28/8/08 2:20:42 AM

Hello. Have used Mandriva in the past, liked it, especially it's consolidated Control Centre. Considering trying it agin, and wondering if anyone can tell if they have had any success with upgrading from one version to another. Not really keen on having to reinstall, and know some (linux distros) are able to upgrade version fairly simply. Is mandriva able to do this, and has it proven to be relatively straight-forward and trouble-free?

Thanks in advance.

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30/8/08 11:57:36 AM

It should be possible to upgrade... However, the question must be asked -- how old is the Mandriva installation?

Red Hat can be upgraded, as can Gentoo... but I'd hardly expect to be able to start with Red Hat 2.0 or Gentoo 1.0, and upgrade to bleeding edge in a single step.

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30/8/08 6:24:27 PM

As RH said, depends on the distance between versions, but....

Take my word for it, mandriva 2008.1 (spring) has a bug in the install program, that could put most ppl off.

The install does not finish, leaving you with (generally, and only from my own experience) no boot-loader configured. (grub or lilo)

The way I avoid situations like this is to have a separate /home partition.

That way re-installs are less bother.

<edit> urpmi is another matter, I am referring to the official-free-dvd-download. GW.

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