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help on an netware 3.12 server please.?
25/8/08 1:09:23 PM

A small company i used t work for is still running an old netware 3.12 server for historical data purposes.
The PSU dies the other day and after a bit of frigging about they manged to get it replaced. they booted the server up and from I have bene told everything seems to be OK and as it was.
Problem is though hen they try and login to it from a PC (the only PC they have that can login to it) they get an error that the tree or server canto be found.
the PC is on the network as they can browse the net from it. (the workstation not the netware server)
I have spoken to them over the phone and nothing has changed on that box in regads to the novellclient settings.
The NICs in each box have green lights so Im 100% sure the NIC in the netware box is running fine.

Its been about 5 years since i have had to deal with this and am currently in the UK, and so was wondering if anybody has any tips / ideas on how they could tell that everything on the netware box is in order??
Is there anything similar to a "ping" command that they could do from the client to see if it can at least see it?
the netware box isnt running TCP/IP either.

I cant even remember the key combo that brings up the "GUI" ont he console screen that lists the NLM that are loaded and give some basic info on whats happening on the box :-(
any help would be greatly appreciated.

The client is running windows XP SP2 Thenetware clien is version 11 from memory, but i could be wrong.

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30/8/08 11:42:53 AM

No idea there... given that Netware is not open source, nor is it Unix. It's another proprietary operating system that, like Windows, is totally unlike anything else.

There should be a ping function somewhere, but how to access it, I haven't the foggiest clue. Perhaps getting this thread moved to Networking may be more productive? I think you're more likely to strike Netware folk there than in here.

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Cpt. Lock 
31/8/08 3:42:55 PM

You should be able to drop to the console and type ping... I'd eat my hat if that's not one of the command line strings that you can run.

It's been ages since I've played with netware myself, but it's command structure is very DOS like. If that fails just type in help and that should bring up a list of usable commands

Also from windows make sure you're using the right client version. There can some times be issues between the Microsft client and the novell client. You might also want to click that green tree if its running a novell client, and see what trees are actually out there

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