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A quick check: Debian AMD64...
16/8/08 9:14:23 PM
Hi all,

I'm thinking of putting together a new PC with AMD 64 X2 (or quad, depending on budget) with 4Gb of RAM or more and is thinking of running debian on it. Just a couple of quick questions regarding debian's AMD64 port:

1. I've been running debian for a while so I am quite comfortable with installing it. How different is the AMD64 port?

2. Packages. Are all the packages that are in the i386 port available in AMD64 port?

3. Anything I should watch out?



16/8/08 10:16:14 PM

Hi Kjao

I personally use either gentoo or ubuntu, so not directly debian 64 but ubuntu gives me a fair feel for answering this question :)

1) only real difference I've ever noticed is a small speed increase with some apps in 64 bit

2) all the core and most of the other packages are also available either compiled natively for 64-bit, or useable through the 32-bit emulation packages - if your installing a 32-bit package via apt it will pull in the 32-bit dependencies for it. The only things I've run into that have cause me issues in 64-bit (I've been running 64-bit for around 2 years now, so some no longer apply)
- some issues running flash via emulation layer - firefox generally handles them pretty well but opera64 still has some problems
- some programs are more limited in terms of available plugins under 64-bit - this tends to be more gaming-related packages, ie with pcsx, most 3rd-party plugins aren't open source and only provide a 32-bit compiled plugin, meaning you'll have to install a 32-bit version to use them (for example petes softGPU)

3) again nothing major, and most minor things can be worked around

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17/8/08 1:37:58 PM

I run a Debian 64 bit web and email server, and there is no descernable difference between that and 32 bit Debian. But I know that Flash is 32 bit only, and some video drivers probably are too, but Debian and x distro generally handles this for you if you install via their packaging system.

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