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nVidia GeForce 7300 on Ubuntu 8.04
12/8/08 12:02:29 PM
My main problem is that I can't enable the Compiz visual effects. I've found some ideas on how to fix it but nothing seems to work. Can anyone help me with it?

Is this graphics card also incompatible with other Linux distros?

Also, I haven't got internet on the PC running Ubuntu so I can't use the apt-get command

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Randy Andy 
12/8/08 12:37:36 PM

you need to get the nvidia restrcted drivers to enable compiz thus you'll need the internet

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12/8/08 2:29:53 PM

You can use Apt-Get or Synaptic with a local cache or from an install cd or dvd, though obviously you'll lose one of the main benifits of APT.

You can also install the Nvidia linux binary drivers from the Nvidia website. Though you'll need the build tools packages already installed as the Nvidia installer compiles some parts of it's code during the install process.

If it were me, I'd connect this machine temporarily to the 'net and install what you need. Then disconnect from the 'net when done.

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12/8/08 4:46:49 PM

You should be able to go into System/Administration/Hardware Drivers

then enable restricted drivers for your video card.

You should also do the following in terminal

sudo apt-get install fusion-icon compizconfig-settings-manager

or search in Synaptic for the settings manager. (You should also add fusion-icon to your startup session).

This will allow you to control all the effects once you have compiz running. You may also need to enable extra effects in the System/Preferences/Appearance/Visual Effects

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Twinnie and Tap.

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12/8/08 5:44:04 PM

I use this card at home on a 8.04 desktop so it definitely works ok.

Like others have said enabling restricted hardware should be all you need to do.

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