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Best photo gallery for web server on linux.
10/8/08 12:32:45 AM

I need help guys,
I'm trying to get my home linux server up and running as a web server for friends and family. Family mostly, I want to make a web gallery for family events and stuff, get my site back up and online and get a blo going, put useful tutorials there for my more computer illerate family etc.

What i can't do is decide which photo gallery application to install to the web server. Aparrently Coppermine is crap, there is another one called iPap ( http://rebelpixel.com/projects/ipap/) which is still in beta but looks promising.

What i want is something like Flikr. I don't trust my photos to a third party, and i intend to secure the site with SSL.

Is anyone using a photo album program that they like and has automatic resizing with original size keeping (if that makes sense) and is reasonably simple to use. Implementation is probably not an issue as i am sure someone somewhere has written a tutorial for it (or perhaps you can provide one :)

Thanks for your suggestions..


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10/8/08 1:55:44 AM

I like quickypix.

It's not too hard to setup,though the documentation isn't as good as it could be. Once it's setup, though, it's really easy to work with. You simply add new photos by copying them into the gallery directory. The gallery hierarchy is very much tied to the filessytem layout. You can add comments/captions to photos/albums, too.

It's pretty basic, and not nearly as fully featured as some others, but that's why I like it.

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10/8/08 10:54:05 AM

I wrote my own.

http://gallery.longlandclan.yi.org/ is the gallery I have set up.

The source code is browsable via gitweb at http://git.longlandclan.yi.org/?p=gallery.git or downloadable via the following command:

$ git clone git://git.longlandclan.yi.org/gallery.git 

It's written in C using ClearSilver ( http://www.clearsilver.net ) and MagickWand (C library in ImageMagick). Once those libraries are installed, it should compile just by typing make . To install, type make install DESTDIR=/your/server/wwwroot/path .

Then set up your web server to use gallery.cgi as the directory index, and enable CGI applications for that directory. I have the following in a .htaccess:

DirectoryIndex gallery.cgi 
Options +ExecCGI
AddHandler cgi-script cgi

To add a gallery, create a directory naming the gallery, create a file called info.txt in it, then add your photos. For the Riverfire 2007 gallery, mine contains:

.title  Riverfire 2007 
.desc Taken at Mt. Coot-Tha. See also the F111 dump-and-burn videos <a
.desc href="/riverfire-2007/video/">here.</a>

There's a TAB character between the .title and Riverfire 2007. Likewise with the .desc entries -- multiple entries with the same name are concatenated and HTML is permitted.

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11/8/08 10:20:59 AM

Gallery tends to work on a reasonable LAMP stype server.



12/8/08 8:59:50 PM

Thanks guys for the suggestions. I eventually wend with tmccoy's suggestion of Gallery, cept i installed Gallery 2. Works great, has themes and is the quote "kitchen sink" of galleries.

I tried to get yours working redhatter, but i aparrently suck at getting things to work. Sorry man :( I'm going to have another crack at getting yours going later.

Thanks for the help


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Quote by czerney
PS. Lilac if you read this I clicked this thread by accident.

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