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need help with xterm and multiple displays...
7/8/08 2:36:14 PM
i'm sure this was working not too long ago, its definately not working at the moment and i'm googling and going nuts at the same time.

i have a laptop as well as an external screen, plugged together so that the external monitor is an extension of the laptop desktop screen.

i open xterm on the laptop display, when i move it to the external monitor display, i get nothing but a blank screen instead of the usual command prompts and everythig else.
I move it back and its all fine again.

If i move it to my external display its blank, i can type into the xterm window but see nothing being typed in and then move it back to the laptop display and the text that i typed in will display.

i dont know much about xterm....i'm all new, i cant see anything obvious in the .bat for startwin or startxterm. (i'm using cygwin)

my other mate has no issues but isnt here so i cant look at any of his information yet......

does anyone have any ideas on where i should be looking?
any help would be appreciated.


7/8/08 2:37:19 PM
ps, not sure if it matters, but no issues with my putty session.


7/8/08 2:53:59 PM

So you're using Cygwin + X on Windows, not a native Unix environment?

I've never used this environment before, but it sounds like the X server is only using your primary monitor, and when you drag the window onto the other screen it doesn't know what to do, so it blanks the window.

If you restart the X server with your monitor plugged in, what happens? Is it possible to edit your xorg.conf to use the correct resolution?

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7/8/08 3:03:38 PM
thanks for your reply....i'll admit i dont think i can do what you've stated purely because i dont know enough myself to locate and modify. But i'll definately try.....


9/8/08 12:28:50 PM

Cygwin X (and Xming too) doesn't use xorg.conf ... it's more or less a hack on Xnest to use the native Win32 API instead the X client libraries.

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