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Linux not for Desktops?......Yeah Right..
9/8/08 2:36:12 PM

The politics are unavoidable.. the vested corporate interests are making their moves, we the people need to pay attention so we can try and preserve our interests.

Yes the politics is harmful, but the harm isn't being done by us.

Any one aware of the OOXML ISO fiasco knows that we and our computing future is not only vulnerable but also is currently under attack.


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replace monopoly with choice

9/8/08 3:44:08 PM

Quote by TheSecret
See how I just posted the URL, and did not have to copy pages of text into the forum, making it easier for everybody?

I prefer the text of the linked article to be included. If the thread is about the discussion of the text in said article, then it seems perfectly reasonable to me to include it in the first post of the thread.

Any later posts that refer to articles, I believe they shouldn't include the article text, unless it's very brief.

The poor formatting of the article text may've initially been dodgy, but I am going to assume that was a straight copy/paste and it didn't come out quite how Waltish expected. He fixed it, I'm not going to hold it against him.

"Grandfather had an accident, he got burnt." "Oh no, how bad?" "Well, they don't fuck around at the crematorium."

10/8/08 12:20:20 AM

Quote by bastard
One thing I have noticed that people seem to miss is that adoption of the operating environment is different for many types of environments.

In a Small - Medium Business environment, what people can do at home quite often dictates what gets used in the office. Why? Because in a small business people have more roles and get a higher opinion of themselves and expect to use their work computer like a home PC. So from that point of view,IBM etc... would have to target the home market first and then use that influence to gain traction in the SBS environment. I know this because of what I my profession is, I implement Citrix in companies. Seeing a user chuck the shits because you have changed the way they have access applications is something I see quite a bit.

On an Enterprise level it is different, Operating environment is dictated to by corporate policies and users are there to perform a particular role, if the top brass says "change the desktops" then that is what happens. But it is the top people that have to make the decisions and you have to convince them that they will still be able to make use of all the production systems that they have in place now. So Activesync etc... will need to be reproduced and be supportable.

Bare in mind that the cost of supporting such an environment would go up due to the fact that while Windows Desktops support engineers are easy to come by, LDS engineers are not as common, and you can bet your arse that the Linux sysadmin is not going to want to go round supporting desktops.

There is a lot more involved to switching to different operating system environment than just rolling out an image and saying "here you lot, go work."

Sorry I hadn't responded I missed this post.

You are correct its bound to be aimed at the corporate environment, but I think the distro will probably be part of a package, supported by the company that supplies it and service contracts would be part of the deal, support is usually where the money is with Linux not so much the licence.

replace monopoly with choice

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