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Experience in printing digital art to canvas?
Placenta Boy 
16/6/08 10:46:43 AM

Hey guys,

I want to get some artwork in my apartment. I'm a pretty shit painter, but pretty efficient in digital art.

So i want to try out making some designs which will be tailored for my apartment, and have them printed onto cavas to hang up. But i want them to look as much like 'painted' artwork as possible. I know when they get printed to canvas, they generally look a bit painted anyway, and obviously with photoshop you would use the tools to add to the 'painted' effect. But has anyone tried any services which offer this? Experiences?

This was one site i found in Aus which do the service. http://www.bigprints.com.au/bigprints_homepage.asp
Anyone with insight into this? I'd hate to fork out for a print to find it looking shithouse.


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23/6/08 4:06:18 PM
hmm i like the idea, il have a look around, then can u tell me how it goes


24/6/08 3:19:00 AM
Depending on what your doing and how your doing it they look good. The professional roll media you get is a cotton based canvas and has that texturey look about it. They won't look painted, even if you do zap them with a photoshop plugin, they look more like photos with character and thats because paintings look like paintings because paint is so much thicker and clumsier than canvas. Don't be detered though, I've seen some stunning work about.


26/6/08 9:11:50 AM
Ive been searching and found this company. http://www.brilliantprints.com.au/pricing.html

I dont know what pricing is like, because i havent seen any other companys. they seem ok, because they come with framing.

tell me what u think.


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