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3360 x 1050 wallpaper
14/6/08 6:26:29 PM

Hey peoples,

I finally got around to setting up dual monitors again (although I'd prefer to get triple back up and going).

Trying to find suitable images for background and the correct size.

Two 22" LCDs = 2x 1680 x 1050.

So far the only site that supports this resolution is http://www.mandolux.com/

Most will only have 1680x1050 or 2560x1024 (2x 1280 x 1024)


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16/6/08 10:40:02 AM

So you want a single image that goes over all three monitors, or three images with a similar theme?

Because the former might be a bit rare, and the latter would be tricky to find three related images at that size.

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17/6/08 8:25:30 AM

If you want some atomic themed ones I have some over in 3D design that I could easily re render (slowly) at that res for you.

Or if you have some other ideas I could have knock something up?

Let me know.

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17/6/08 8:25:34 PM


I had another, better site a while back but can't now remember the url. :(

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19/6/08 9:31:35 AM

TheFrunj : Only two monitors. Only two at the moment.

It can be a single image that spans both monitors, or split into two images. I'm using Display fusion which allows either a single image, or two seperate images.

But I specifically want 3360x1050
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kikz : Quite a number of them are only 2560x1024. My desktop is 3360x1050.

spiritek : I'll keep that in mind.

I'm really tempted to make my own one. Especially if I do manage to get a third 22" monitor and stretch the display to 5040x1050.
The 9" LCD (What will be my 3rd or 4th display) I'm mounting in my case is not really going to have a background.


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