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PLEASE HELP !! image design layouts for a website..
6/6/08 3:38:34 PM
Hi all I am newbie to the forum and was wondering if I could get some help please to do some graphic work to complete a website...

I have the business card image and the idea of what I want to do but i need someone who could work with me to do the images and I can do the rest...

Am happy to pay for the help... if you wish to email me at
paulv@pvdesign.com.au I will send you the business card layout and we can talk about dollars...

Regards Paul


6/6/08 3:44:25 PM

Sorry mate, judging by the other sites you have done, I don't have the required animated gif skills to produce a design to the same level of consistancy.

Quote by hill60606
$4-5 Billion should go a fair way towards it, especially if we get it from somewhere cheap like MSY.

6/6/08 3:49:20 PM
Thanks hill60606,

Hmmmmmmm it is pretty simple as I only need layers of images created on this site ...for example a header at the top which requires a certain background and layout the centre and then the main page background again basic but I just dont have the time to get it done and I really need it done.....

Again Thank you for your reply....



11/6/08 3:27:36 PM
hehehe oh man, I've seen some crap in my life.....


11/6/08 8:06:38 PM

Hey, back off guys. He's obviously going for a retro look. 90s to be exact.

Oh dear...

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12/6/08 7:31:11 PM

I really don't get why is it when I see this kind of site design in general, (looks at his clients) they always have a fair amount of client site examples under their belt.

Is it the appeal is that its dirt cheap costs?
or the clients just dono any better..

Ive never understood this.

Quote by Ben Mansill
I've always waited for the day here when we talk about anal sex with animated Disney lions.

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