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Photoshop CS3 Trainer Wanted
3/6/08 4:24:25 PM
I'm seeking a Photoshop trainer who is able to deliver an introductory course to a bunch of about 20 teachers in Brisbane on the 25th and 26th of June. The venue, software and computers are sorted and the focus would be on compositing images and some best practise lead in to the use of Photoshop for graphic design.

Having Adobe Certified Expert + Workplace Training & Assessment quals (or simliar) would be ideal and I'm open to recommended reference material which we'd look into purchasing. Happy to negotiate a reasonable rate for the trainer but not really interested in rate per number of attendees. We're happy with an instructor led course that takes the edge off the Photoshop learning curve and allows for a few questions to be asked and answered by a competent instructor who is as comfortable talking to people as they are using Photoshop.

Please PM me if interested.


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