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Unerasable little dots after using Clone tool
18/4/08 4:33:16 PM
Sometimes,(most times lately) when I use the Clone Tool to remove part of an image I don't want, I end up with some little black dots in the area I'm trying to obliterate, and nothing I can think of doing gets rid of them. I can't paint them away with a brush, or erase them away. (I've checked that the Clone Tool is set to 100%.) The same thing can happen when I'm making a composite image and painting through a layer mask.

Is my programme corrupted, or is there something less drastic than re-installing I can do to fix this?

I hope this is the right Forum to post this question in. I'm an Old Bugger struggling in an unfamiliar cyberworld, so be gentle with me :-)



19/4/08 4:47:06 AM

Post a screenshot.
Hit your "Prt Scr" button on your keyboard, open up a new image in photoshop and go to edit>paste.

Does the problem persist when you save, close photoshop and then re-open the image?

I love Isa. She rawkz my cawkz. =o)

19/4/08 9:16:24 PM

Does the area you're cloning have any artifacts?

I prefer to use the healing brush most of the time unless of course I'm doing something near the edge of something in an image between two colours where the healing brush generally gives a smudge effect

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