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Best free image hosting?
9/4/08 2:07:30 PM
Not sure which forum is best for this, decided a group of web graphic designers might know best about storing graphics online :)

I've bought all the new parts for my new PC, and out of frustration of a lack of illustrated builds as inspiration for me, I'm thinking about taking step-by-step photos of my build and putting them up here, or on another forum or whatever, as a guide for me, help for other newbies, and just general geek porn :). To do that though, I'll need somewhere to store my photos online.

For small temporary stuff, I've usually just used my MySpace and Facebook album folders, but obviously they're a pain to work with (MySpace automatically resizes photos for instance, unsure about Facebook, and they're both slooow). So I'm thinking of getting an account with something like PhotoBucket, ImageHosting etc. Does anybody here have any experience or opinions with using any particular site, or any warnings (file size limits, bandwidth limits etc)?

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10/4/08 11:31:07 AM

I use ImageShack for my public images.

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10/4/08 11:30:15 PM

ImageShack is Preety good - http://imageshack.us/

Same with photobucket - http://photobucket.com

or http://www.freeimagehosting.net/


12/4/08 6:40:37 PM
i use image shack as its quick and you dont have to signup. ive never had much of a problem either


Harmonic Cacophony 
18/4/08 8:43:11 PM

I like photobucket a lot. If you intend to keep and manage your pics, then it's perfect. If you only want to show the link to a few people and be done with it, then Imageshack is good.

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18/4/08 11:09:00 PM

ImageShack is only good because its well known, 95% of the time its way too slow and there are adds everywhere, Photobucket is more professional and handy, not to mention the fastest out there

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25/4/08 5:41:21 PM

also there is skydrive from MS
http://skydrive.live.com/ offers alot more the image hosting but should be good for that also

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4/5/08 1:42:54 AM
Check out http://www.postbidwin.com for image portfolio hosting for more design oriented portfolios.

Otherwise if its bunch of images you want to host imageshack is good


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