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looking for a hand making a destop theme
20/3/08 10:19:59 PM


so, im working on a desktop theme for vista, ( the above screenshot is what i've done so far.

its all really easy work, but there is an awful lot of it.
...say, 430+ images to make..

its just a personal thing, no "production dead lines" or stuff to bother with, just a "when ever you feel like it" sort of thing.

i'm basically just putting it out there to say
anyone interested in contributing?

all you need to do is make the image files, i'll look after the rest, (compiling it, hex edits, font matching etc)

the theme is "steampunk" with a very copper and wood, warm feel to it. clockwork and gear wheels where appropriate sort of thing.

so basically, if you are interested, let me know and i can start sending you all the rescources you need.

also looking for anyone interested in making icons for the theme

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dorchmaak neich transak marr sholm,
eias tcho maun harmask shail traak

21/3/08 11:56:54 PM

Not interested in helping (too much work on my plate at the moment) but goddammit that's awesome. How do you do it!?


22/3/08 12:20:47 AM

using a resource editor.

make a copy of the original aero theme files, then go nuts with photoshop and various other tools.

freeware program called "reshack" extract all the .png images,
edit them
reload back into the theme file.

also, this will help

ah, you will also need the gimp to save it in a PNG format that vista likes.
save as png, and in the png properties, disable "save colour information for transparent pixels"

mmm, any more questions just ask

Edited by beatshoes: 22/3/2008 12:21:48 AM

dorchmaak neich transak marr sholm,
eias tcho maun harmask shail traak

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