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InDesign and Tables!?
17/3/08 3:54:20 PM
Hi Guys,

Do you know if there is a way to import a table from Word or Excel into InDesign...at the moment i'm having a fun time copying and pasting a 60 column table..any tips would be appreciated.



18/3/08 6:54:06 AM

There is a way but not 100% off the top of my head - starting to forget all the little tricks

you can place the entire word file into the document - I used to do it on a seperate document within indesign then you can select the table within a text frame (which contains the whole document so you may have to link some or delete stuff from it) then copy and paste.

Hope you understand that

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18/3/08 10:15:36 AM
Thanks! I'll give it ago!


24/3/08 3:57:52 AM

what devoid says is one way of doing things by creating a text frame but if your using excel, you can just do this instead File -> place -> click on your excel file "name.xls"

then follow the options and there you have the imported table.

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25/3/08 9:31:54 AM
Thanks Champion!
(love your Van!)


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