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UNIX help needed please!
5/9/08 3:56:21 PM

Alright so I'm currently reviewing some unix scripts. IN particular I'm looking at the password settings which involves initial log-on. If an account has been set to use an initial login password then it the value in the 3rd column from the right must be '0'. If the password has already been changed, the value is '####' (i think it's the number of days since they last changed it or something). Anyway my question is what does it mean if the value in the third column is blank? Does this mean initial logon is disabled and user can just login without a password?

eg: accountname:NP/LK:3242(third field)::::

I know the explanation is a little messy but out of confidentiality issues I can't post the actual script output i'm looking at.

Cheers, guys.

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5/9/08 9:32:11 PM

If the script is not standard, can't tell you. If it is a standard script, what is it? If what you pasted is in a file, which file is it in?

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5/9/08 10:34:33 PM

/me wonders how safe it really is, for azn_warez to be posting the hashed password?

Of course, azn_warez hasnt revealed the password salt.

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6/9/08 11:08:06 PM

Are you referring to /etc/passwd (google is your friend) or some other file?


7/9/08 9:14:47 PM
Post a modified version of the script.

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9/9/08 11:31:09 PM

Usually with most Unix clones... the account can be disabled by changing the hashed password in /etc/shadow to * -- which is an invalid password hash (thus disabling the account), or changing the shell in /etc/passwd to /bin/false.

Without knowing the specifics of your network (which I realise you cannot reveal here) I can't offer much help here. I'd suggest that perhaps this medium isn't the best place to ask if things are indeed this non-standard and confidential.

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