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good free/low cost c# obfuscator?
26/8/08 2:04:16 PM

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Quote by ozacube
Some of us like to learn by thinking for ourselves rather than copying the answers. ;-P

Why reinvent the wheel? :P

Cuz I can make it so much better!

Square is the new round?

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2/9/08 9:16:30 AM

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When I had to do a C# course in Uni, I saw a few people running the lecturers example program through some sort of decompiler, which gave the answers back quite clearly. It was not very nice code to read, but it made it clear what it was doing and how.

The first person who figured that out deserves an HD, they'll go far in the industry. The rest should fail :-)

Programming laziness ftw!

Thats the first thing I did in my early Java courses. Just for the heck of it. I then did my own work, but at least knew an approch :P


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