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[PHP] RCPT failing - Works in telnet...
7/8/08 6:02:33 PM

I've got a script which does email verification by connecting to the domain's mx server. The script in a nutshell:
$connect = @fsockopen($connectaddress, 25)
if(ereg("^220, $out = fgets($connect, 1024))){
fputs ($connect , "HELO $HTTP_HOST\r\n");
$out = fgets ($connect, 1024);
fputs ($connect , "MAIL FROM: $fromemail\r\n");
$from = fgets ($connect, 1024);
fputs ($connect , "RCPT TO: $toemail\r\n");
$to = fgets ($connect, 1024);
fputs ($connect , "QUIT");
if(!ereg("^250", $from) || !ereg("^250", $to))
return "The email address does not exist";

So basically, I open a socket, sent a HELO, then send MAIL FROM and RCPT TO and capture the return, which I check for code 250 (OK). If it does not return OK then the address is deemed invalid.

The problem is that I'm finding its rejecting valid email addresses. The RCPT TO call is returning 550 - Blocked on email addresses that I know are valid. If I perform the same procedure via telnet, I get 220 returning from the RCPT call.

Any ideas ?


10/8/08 6:21:42 PM

Is this running telnet from the server executing the PHP script? Or from your desktop?

Also, have you tried just \r rather than \r\n? Maybe you're adding a linefeed the server isn't expecting.

Stuart Longland (aka. Redhatter, VK4FSJL)
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12/8/08 12:27:13 AM

Not sure here, either, I would try what Redhatter suggested.

It should also be noted, though:

MAIL FROM: me@mydoman.com


It should be:

MAIL FROM: <me@mydomain.com>

And the same applies to RCPT TO:

Some mailservers will not play nicely if you don't do this.

... and in 5 minutes, mine will be some of them. Thought I'd already turned on that standards-anal setting already.

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13/8/08 1:44:12 PM

Redhatter: Same server. And I've since tried all combinations of newline/return characters with no luck. It either has the same issue, or it fails to connect completely.

eckythump: I've tried it with and without the < & > with no effect.


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