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Learning Obj-C for a thick prick like me
Linux_Inside V2 
26/7/08 12:41:55 PM

Hey guys,

I'm trying to learn Obj-C with XCode etc but am not getting much out of the tutorials I've been watching. plenty of them show you how to make a certain app without explaining why you have to do things which means I can't just go and write my own app to do certain things.

Maybe my best bet would be to hunt down some books, or go to uni or something?


26/7/08 2:57:32 PM

I tried Objective C, but when I was told I could do it or C++ I switched to C++ in an instant because I'm much more familiar with it :| I just hated the notation and found it harder to understand at a glance.

Althought that might not be possible in your situation.

Perhaps try to find one of those "Learn Objective C in 7 days!!!" books?


28/7/08 2:13:10 AM

If the tutorials aren't doing it for you, consider a book on cocoa programming, like Cocoa Programming for OS X.

Once you "get it" objective-c + cocoa is a GUI programming wet dream. It is by far the easiest, cleanest, all-round-best set of tools for making _beautiful_ GUI apps I have ever used.


It will take some getting used to, because it is unlike many "traditional" compiled languages. But if you have a mac, and would like to write applications or the mac, it is well worth the investment.


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