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Combining Wordpress Posts with XML and XSL
22/7/08 1:30:55 PM

Hey Guys,

I'm a little stumped at the moment, i'm building a site that uses Wordpress to handle pages and posts. This is great but i'm also requiring the ability to insert tabular content into the posts. The best way I have found to do this is to create a XML file and transform it with XSL.

This is easy.

The hard part is finding a way to write a page or post and have it display the xml page formatted with XSL as part of the page. I am trying to avoid using PHP to push the combination out each time, it's a layer of processing I would like to avoid, but I can't seem to get around this. Does anyone have any ideas?


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24/7/08 8:16:06 PM

IFRAMEs perhaps? I think a Wordpress plugin would be a more elegant solution however, as much as you wish to avoid coding, it's the best way to go IMHO.

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26/7/08 11:45:52 PM

You don't want client side parsing, i've been there and done that, it
took me too much time and money to get around machines only to find
that there is too much difference between(and mainly xslt parsing
bugs) XML parsers to do that type of loading in every browser and
platform relevant.
If you only want to support MSIE6+ and Mozilla.org and the last two
Safari and Opera9 you could now potentialy use client side but the
parsers in use for Opera i think is still either or both the MS Win
MSXML for Win versions and the Moz. w3c recommended for Opera Unix
[Mac MSIE is the odd one out but a portion of the service, it only
used Jscript and could only process XML-XSLT properly through Jscript]
Either way your probably better of running them appropriately through
one of the two variety of loading (MSXML ActiveXObject) or
w3c.org-Moz. XSLTProcessor() if you don't mind using the above
mentioned browsers only to be coding for.

I think its the PHP for you to look over the Wordpress dev API for
the connection with the process your doing so you can intercept it
by adding an object to the code.

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