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VMR9 Filter reconnection
18/7/08 10:38:46 AM

Hi there everyone,

I am currently working on a dual input VMR9 project which takes the input from 2 analogue USB video converters and uses a VMR9 filter to display the 2 feeds. Everything works fine, I can start, stop and restart the graph when ever I like. The problem is that management has added a new requirement that I don't think is possible.

They want to be able to recover when one or both of the USB converters are unplugged and then plugged back in. I have been able to detect the event for unplugging the device which I then use to close down the filter graph but when I plug the devices back in and attempt to rebuild the graph it fails telling me that it can't reconnect the capture pin on the video capture filter.

What I want to know is... is this is even possible? I didn't think it was but when asked why I couldn't think of a good answer. In theory when it attempts to recreate the graph it should just find the device filters again just as it does normally.

I haven't posted the code as there is a fair bit of it but if you think it would help with your response let me know and I will trim it down a bit and add it in.

Thanks in advance.

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23/7/08 2:12:19 PM

I think it might be a problem within Windows, DirectX, and Windows Media Video (or whatever they're calling it now) itself.

I've found with various capture devices, be they cards, USB or cameras, that if you just disconnect in an abrupt kind of way that they won't initialise again properly without a reboot.

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