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Atomic mini Siggraph type thing
9/9/08 5:00:15 PM

Would anyone attend a mini Siggraph type event?
It would run for 3 days or so. It could be an official Atomic event (It would get Atomic some good publicity in the eyes of CG artists).
It could be held in Sydney; Melbourne; I don't know, The International Space Station; anywhere.

We could have guest speakers from Autodesk, Softimage, Adobe, Apple, some Aussie animation studios, we might even be able to get someone from ILM in!

I only thought this up last night, so I haven't thought everything through.

Anyone interested?

You Are Not Alone...

9/9/08 5:13:25 PM

I'm up for a trip to the international space station.


I broke my ass in a farting accident.
I have a bag of salty nuts.

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9/9/08 5:17:44 PM

Quote by smadge1
I'm up for a trip to the international space station.

Me too. On second thoughts though, getting access to it for 3 days to do a computer graphics convention would be both hard and expensive. And then there's transport - getting there is hard enough, plus they have limited parking...

Sydney or Melbourne or Adelaide or Brisbane or I don't know, Launceston (Maybe not Launceston because it's a hole. I'm allowed to say that because that's where I live, unfotunately.)

You Are Not Alone...

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