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[Vic LAN] BLAM is back. This weekend.
4/9/08 9:21:09 PM

For those from central vic and surrounding areas many years ago, BLAM has been ressurected. And starts again this weekend with it's first public LAN.

So this weekend from mid Saturday to mid Sunday, at the Strathfieldsaye Community Centre (10 mins from centre of Bendigo. Maybe 15 if you catch ever red light and a granny in front of you the entire way).

It has pretty much no relation to the old LAN. This incarnation of it started out with old members of the organisational team running/helping with it, but they have since decided to leave it with the new chums. I think. I could be very wrong on that bit, but I have it on good word. But that's just a fyi sort a thing. A LAN is a LAN is a LAN. You should come regardless :P

http://bendigolan.com/ for more info.

And sorry for the late notice.

I have no part in this LAN, but I am friends with the admin who has asked for some promotion. However, I will take this opportunity to promote an upcoming LAN I will be helping with, LANkgo. It will be very near the end of the year, or early in the new year, and will happen once a year. Hopefully we'll get 100-150 people. I'll post back when I know dates for said LAN.

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