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BNE: Riverfire
30/8/08 1:53:33 AM

Very late notice but who is going to riverfire Tonight? (Saturday 30 Aug)

I'll be under the story bridge from about 3pm (Where the BBQ's are) if anyone wants to meet me there... I'm the one carrying the hockey stick :)

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30/8/08 6:07:16 PM

I miss river fire bbq meets they were cool!

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30/8/08 10:51:22 PM
Resident alien

I was there in front of the Treasurey Casino.

Mega pissed off that the second F1-11 dump and burn turned north before it even got to the centre of the city >:-|

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30/8/08 11:12:40 PM
I've worked every one of the last three riverfires.

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Hentai Bob 
31/8/08 7:36:19 AM

Funny thing was... I was lurking around here at the time this was poste the other night.... I never saw it.... I'd already organised a meet and BBQ in the same spot with another local geek group.... And Spooky rocks up and asks "Atomic?".... So what else am i to say barring.... "No... But you found one anyway!"

Was amusing... Especially when she revealed that she was well aware of the other geek group. Not bad for a 1 person meet.


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2/9/08 8:03:17 AM

i saw the dump and burns sitting at the search houses in my MOPP1 gear.
SGT yelled out "Stop EX! have a look"

then we continued on.

next year. Riverfire meet. definately, lock it in Eddie, reclaim the day.

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