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WALAN October 2008, Black Label Edition...
21/8/08 1:41:01 AM
Following our successful joint event with Supanova, check out the specs on our next event hot off the press!

Join us on October 4th and 5th for our Black Label Edition WALAN!

Once again we will be returning to the exclusive West Coast TAFE venue in Joondalup with one hundred of Perth's finest gamers who will battle it out in premium air conditioned rooms equipped with comfy chairs, projectors and our super fast gigabit network!

To be one of the lucky hundred, head over to our registrations page ( http://register.walan.org) on our website and sign up now! Tickets will only set you back $25, but be sure to prepay to guarantee your seat!

Wanna help get your mates along? Download and print a copy of our event poster from our website ( http://www.walan.org) and stick it where they'll see it! Stay tuned for our full competition timetable, which will be announced along with further details as we countdown to another awesome event.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Harmonic Cacophony 
21/8/08 3:46:25 PM

Cool, we had a great time last LAN. And it's a while away, so I may be able to work out transport...

It's never Lupus

Need cheering up?

26/8/08 6:30:26 PM

From what I saw of WALAN when I was over in Perth for supanova, it's a bloody good event.

Might have to get myself an upgraded lappy and join in on the action next time :)


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