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[SYD] The Faint
20/8/08 10:12:24 AM

RaYdeX and I are heading up Sydney way to catch one of our long time fav bands The Faint.
I recommend you look them up and have a listen but if you want a loose description (from http://www.kmwproductions.com/artist_theFaint.html)

"Nothing about The Faint makes any sense and that just makes them better” - Rolling Stone. A group of circa-1981 synth-pop fanatics from the wilds of Omaha, Nebraska, The Faint act as if time stopped the moment Duran Duran broke big or "Tainted Love" was omnipotent.

Sounding like MC5 trying to kill funk-ridden big beat with their laptops, The Faint have developed into a keyboard heavy, new wave juggernaut, combining dance rhythms, heavily distorted guitars, and an almost industrial-like grind to create seductive odes to sex, death, and all that falls between. Their intelligently provocative punk electro pop is pulsing and melodic, throbbing and hypnotic yet they still manage to create order in their sonic chaos."

So we've got tickets for their Sydney show which is on Thursday the 25th of September @ the Metro theatre on George st. We'll be driving up from Canberra in the morning and probably staying in Sydney till Sunday. (So plenty of time for catch ups with sydney atomicans then if you don't want to come watch the faint with us)
Tickets are $48 and you can grab them from here : http://premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/show.aspx?sh=FAINT08&v=MET&searchId=350fe8c8-ac06-4e

So let us know if you're interested in going! if you want to catch up with us then please pm me :)


20/8/08 5:52:01 PM

Why are metal / rock concerts so expensive?

It is just shameful price gouging, I would love to go, but can't warrant spending close to $50 to go see a concert.

Might change my mind though...

Edited by lunchbox1988: 20/8/2008 5:52:16 PM

AL Gore; Finally, I get to save the Earth with deadly lasers instead of deadly slideshows!

EEEPC 1000H - 1.6GHz Atom - 2GB DDR2 667 - Vista Ultimate
20/8/08 7:10:38 PM

I hope you do ! would love to see other atomicans there.


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