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[BNE] Something Different Mk 2
6/9/08 3:38:27 PM


Time has changed to 1pm - 4:30pm on Saturday the 27th to accommodate people asking for an afternoon time slot.

I need definates now people because I need to start finalising the session with place. I need at least 10 so remember to ask your mates who might be interested.

OP also updated.

Doing the right thing should never be the hard choice.

8/9/08 7:23:11 PM

Ah yes fantastic I'm going away with work for two weeks from the 17th of sept to the 5th of oct, not only will I miss out on this I will miss out on my gf's birthday.


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9/9/08 10:38:14 AM

Count me out :( I'm away on holiday at that datetime.

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