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[PAC] LAN, pissup and BBQ - my house!
21/8/08 8:48:58 AM

Quote by DJ_MI
Obviously not, after it is only Perth... :-P~~~

Haha yeh its just capital of the money making state....

Perth - capital of the mining boom carrying the rest of the damned country. :p

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22/8/08 8:09:49 AM

And still, I have not heard about it?


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22/8/08 7:12:06 PM

Quote by DJ_MI
And still, I have not heard about it?

Not our fault you don't pay attention. :P

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22/8/08 7:27:59 PM

Quote by Lazzarus2nd
Great to meet you for the first time Confined - next time, i'll actually talk to you, instead of mumble while gaming :D

Heh well I'm sure everyone will say I wasn't doing much better. Long day at the office and I wasn't drinking so I was rather drab. Was good to catch up with you all again, as always.

Oh and Dave - unfortunately the HDD was completely dead. Doesn't even power up when plugged into a PC, so don't think I can hook you up with anything interesting next meet after all. :(



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