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Issue 93
9/9/08 5:31:15 PM

Just wanted to say I quite like the new style in this issue. Very cool.

I've only flicked thru at this stage, but one thing I noticed that was omitted from the X-Ray article on 'Paperless Paper' - coming up next month Esquire magazine will be releasing a limited edition E-Ink cover;

I'd been keen to get my hands on this (at only $6 US!) for sometime, however given they have announced only 100,000 will be made, I no longer like my odds..

Anyways, I guess we'll see soon if there is a local release..

Again, Nice update Guys! :)


David Hollingworth 
9/9/08 5:43:44 PM


You do realise that our article was written about three weeks ago, and sent to the printers about a week later?


I'll chastise Ashton for his lack of future reading skills.

"No matter where you go, there you are."

9/9/08 8:27:18 PM


His crystal ball must be on the fritz!

I'm sure I recall reading about in May/June, but got really interested when I read the hacking article on BoingBoing in late July..
That would have given a week or so before it was written.. ;)

Its no big deal.. I just thought given its geekiness/relevance it may have been picked up in his research..
(So when is At0mic doing their E-ink covers? ;p )


9/9/08 9:34:18 PM

Quote by David Hollingworth
You do realise that our article was written about three weeks ago, and sent to the printers about a week later?

What we really need to start doing is just printing articles with "fill-in-the-blanks" style writing.

Heading: _____

Article: ____ Has just released a brand spanking new _____ that has _____ and is ______ _______ _____ than the competition. This _____ will be ______ on the ______ of _____.

Oh yeah, it could work.

Atomic – Tech Writer

Quote by Shikimaru
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9/9/08 10:07:09 PM

ePaper: This would be an awesome idea for issue 100!!



"Computers can never replace Human stupidity."

We are Atomic!

9/9/08 10:25:47 PM

It would be very very cool, but no doubt prohibitly expensive.. But having said that i'd be willing to shell out say $20-25 for a decent sized display. (i pay around that for some import mags).

From what I've read it took Esquire a couple of years of planning!

Get cracking boys! :)


10/9/08 12:37:47 AM


So, it looks like Esquire did this first but I'm sure we can claim having the idea first. I wanted to do this for Issue 50 -- that's four years ago in the planning -- but it turned out to be prohibitively expensive, more so with the stage the tech was at back then.

But we thought of it. Atomic is *always* ahead of the curve :)

Oh yeah Dave -- *love* the redesign!

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10/9/08 1:14:32 AM

I think that not using the image on page 50 as the cover, has spoilt the run of great covers lately.
The new design/layout is nice and clean though.


David Hollingworth 
10/9/08 8:21:53 AM

Electra: That's interesting. We did use that on the retail cover, at least in part, but I personally think it's a very boring, static image. It doesn't really tell a story, which is something we try to do with all of our covers.

We are a hardware mag, yes, but we still do a lot of games coverage - I think we need to reflect that every now and then.

Glad folks are liking the new design so far - I may have had a few sleepless nights recently worrying over just that...

"No matter where you go, there you are."

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