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12:44:38 AM
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8/9/08 6:43:52 PM

I just wanted you guys to do a network section.

There are a few posts I have made or seen that have hundreds of people look at them but no real solution.

The main one I want (for my reasons of course) is Network application deployment/windows deployment via the free WDS (on or off domain whatever).

I would also like ways to solidify the network, in most drivers there are advanced settings that we always just leave as default. What do they do?
Flow Control? Speed and Duplex?.

I know I can just google these individually but I would prefer to just read it in a mag, if something takes my interest then I will research it for myself...


8/9/08 6:47:05 PM

<--Magazine Feedback. :P

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-The things that we have in common matter a whole lot more than the prejucies that drive us apart.
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9/9/08 8:21:53 AM

HAHA Sorry i was so tired last night!
Mod please move.


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