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benchmark configuration for radeon 4 series
17/8/08 3:55:12 PM
i was reading the latest atomic and was wondering the following points

radeon 4 series not tested on a amd 790 series mobo
radeon 4 series quad graphics card setup not tested

you talk about cpu bottlenecks which is understandable with the amount of data that is generated by games and applications, would it be a benefit to have dual cpu test bed to achieve this.

other than good mag keep up the good work


17/8/08 4:04:34 PM

Hey ha,mburgers , welcome to the forums :)

The reason that they were not tested on a 790 mobo is because the Phenom doesn't have the same performance of the Intel chip that I used in testing. This would have skewed the performance in both 3DMarks towards Nvidia, so I kept it as close as possible.

And as for quad graphics (apart from the fact that I didn't have four of the same cards - I assume you were talking about the 4850's here), this is again much of a muchness when comparing the cards, especially when four cards isn't really that common, even for an enthusiast rig.

We do have a dual CPU test bench that was the remnants of Big Willy, but the CPUs in it are only FX-60's (or something) which add up to be even less powerful than a Phenom!

That said, I now have in my labs two 4870X2's, so issue 93 will definitely have some QuadFire loving ;)

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