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Where can i find a fox?
5/8/08 3:55:07 PM
Ive noticed that the foxconn P35 Mars is still listed as the performance board of choice in the kitlog, and i did read the review in issue 85. With all this in mind i thought it would be a very suitable board for my next upgrade. Only problem is i cant seem to find any in Australia. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on to where i might be able to purchase one? Also the P35 mars was specced in the review as supporting DDR3, but listings on the manufacturers website say it supports only DDR2? Im confused. Can anyone help?


5/8/08 7:40:21 PM
I too am interested in this. I've searched and I've searched and I've searched, but I fear the Mars is no longer available in Aus. Please tell me I'm wrong!


5/8/08 8:20:12 PM

It appears that NMatuzic is correct, and the Mars is no longer available :(

I can suggest the Gigabyte EP45-DS4P instead, as it is a very good motherboard ;)

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David Hollingworth 
6/8/08 10:49:35 AM

Kitlog update ahoy!

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10/8/08 10:33:52 AM
Quote by David Hollingworth
Kitlog update ahoy!

so do you think the GA-EP45-DS4P will replace the P35 Mars?


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