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Issue 91 Feedback
17/7/08 8:21:21 PM

100th issue coming up soon whats the plan? :)

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

17/7/08 10:53:15 PM

I heard every subscriber will get a lock of David's hair. But shhhh, he doesn't know yet!

*taps nose*

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17/7/08 11:47:29 PM

After reading the 'Editor needs a makeover' thread, it would seem that most people think they'd be doing David a favour if they got rid of his locks :P

Evil Monkey doesn't sleep ... he waits.

18/7/08 2:59:50 AM

you read the whole thread??? But I filled it top to bottom with various insulting and/or insulting remarks about David . . .

and . ..

I want my lock of hair!!1!

and btw . .. will there ever be an Atomic event in Perth??? or are we Perthies too far out??

John Connor: We're not gonna make it, are we? People, I mean.
The Terminator: It's in your nature to destroy yourselves.
John Connor: Yeah. Major drag, huh?

18/7/08 9:16:30 AM

I didnt read the WHOLE thread, just enough to get the general jist that the mob think David is a tie-dye wearing pygmy that engages in questionable sexual congress on film.

Evil Monkey doesn't sleep ... he waits.

18/7/08 10:48:37 PM

Quote by BlakeyBoyR
After reading the 'Editor needs a makeover' thread, it would seem that most people think they'd be doing David a favour if they got rid of his locks :P

Actually it was determined that his hair is his source of power. If we cut the hair, he becomes powerless.

Powerless David = No magazine.

And we don't want that.



I'd call you a cunt, but you lack both the warmth and depth
18/7/08 11:22:25 PM

I thought there was varying opinions? Surely a Sampsonesque figure would go with the time and at the very least style his source of power?

Evil Monkey doesn't sleep ... he waits.

20/7/08 10:15:08 AM

OK, page 40 ... the Special Feature with the gaming showdown

The first graph shows the PCs having a higher 3DMark06 than a 3DMark03. The graph legend is wrong way round. I mean the Altech Storm having a 3DMark06 of near 100,000 would be just uber!

PC 1: XP Home SP2, Opty 165@1.8Ghz, GEIL 1GB PC3200, 320GB SATA Cuda ES,XFX 9600GSO 580/700x2/1450, Seasonic S12+ 550W
PC 2: XP Home SP2, XP 3000+@2.24 Ghz, 1GB PC3200, 80GB IDE,ASUS nVidia 6800 512MB, Codegen 450W

20/7/08 5:32:19 PM

I'm still wondering if anyone picked up the error on the index page?

Evil Monkey doesn't sleep ... he waits.

David Hollingworth 
21/7/08 9:53:41 AM

Yeah, bang on Jerusalem. Just a simply labelling mix-up, though, so the stats are still correct...

While that is one that entirely slipped passed all of us until we saw the mag in print, the index error was spotted, but left in since we can only correct so many pages at the proofing stage :)

"No matter where you go, there you are."

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