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Water Cooling Suppliers
19/6/08 7:43:10 PM
Really impressed with the water cooling reviews in this months mag. Just one question, I noticed you guys stated pc case gear as supplying you with the systems.

But when I searched their website I couldn't find the Coolermaster Aquagate Max cooling system, which I am interested in. If I have missed it on their website, please tell me so and call me whatever you will (I would deserve it). But if I am right, does anyone know where I can get one in Australia.

Thanking you

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20/6/08 12:51:54 AM

It doesn't appear to be on the PCCG site, but Techbuy have them:


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20/6/08 9:44:43 AM

Cheers Frunj, and thanks for letting us know you dug the article, jjs01.

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24/6/08 9:36:40 PM

Well I do enjoy some liquidy fun . . .so itt seemed interesting, and I would be somewhat interested in trying water cooling . . .when I get money . . .

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3/7/08 8:42:50 AM

There was no HOT/COOL award, so they can't be that good.

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